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Fantastic for schools and clubs to perform. A rocky horror type spoof musical comedy for kids. Very popular and such great fun to act.


You’ve never seen a school show like this. A kind of Rocky Horror spoof for kids!!! Witches, Fairies, Elves, Goblins, Ghosts, Frankenstein, Zombies, Dracula, The mummy, the werewolf…... And lots more. Spooky recorded narration holds the show together. Extremely funny show for any time of the year. In no way sinister or unsavoury. You get: CD with 30 tracks containing narration, original songs (with and without vocals) horrible sound effects & instrumentals for creative movement. Songs include: This is our land, Zombie, Wolf Man, The Desert Rock, Oh will you be my bride. You also get a Photocopiable play script and songsheets, Simple sheet music (melody line/ chords), and a 1 year performance licence. Perform it karaoke style or with traditional piano etc. Hear it and read some of it on our main website http://www.magicparrot.com (CLICK AT FOOT OF PAGE)

Great original songs
Spooky recorded narration holds it all together
Price includes Script, CD, sheet music, simple score
Price includes 1 year performance licence
Suitable KS2 (ages 7-11) ANY TIME OF YEAR
Duration 45-50 mins
Minimum cast: 15 (preferably more)
Every favourite monster known to mankind in this show!!!!!

Price: £30.00


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