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The Hippus H500 (small ring)/H510 (large ring)

The Hippus bits are a major step forward in horse care. There is no pinch, no pain, no constant tongue and palate pressure.

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The Hippus H500

The Hippus H500 is a loose ring bit with small rings and the H510 is a loose ring bit with large rings.

No pinch, no pain, no constant tongue and palate pressure; it allows the horse more freedom to balance itself and aids better respiration.

The Hippus bits have been designed with three considerations in mind.

Firstly, the comfort of the horse was considered. The action of the bits is kinder than a snaffle. It doesn't apply the pressures that a traditional bit does. It provides freedom of movement for the tongue, without allowing the tongue to come over the bit. In tests, equine dentists in Canada and the USA have started using this bit on horses that have mouth problems and need a "kind" bit.

Secondly, the control of the horse was considered. Some intensive medical studies have revealed that the hyoid apparatus (There is an apparatus in all horses made up of small thin bones that surrounds and supports the larynx and allows the back of the tongue to have support. The apparatus also goes up and attaches to the base of the skull with two cartilage tags. The apparatus is called the hyoid apparatus. It attaches to the skull right up under and to the inside of each ear.) plays an important part in the balance of the horse. Traditional bits apply pressure to the tongue which is connected to the hyoid bone and this in turn does not allow the horse the maximum opportunity to balance itself when working. The Hippus bits allow the tongue freedom of movement which gives the horse the opportunity to balance itself properly when working.

The third consideration, was to ensure that the bit was made of the premium quality components and assembled by high quality craftsmen. The bit is made from medical grade stainless steel ensuring that there are no poisons, oxides, toxins or allergies present. The Hippus bits are also X-rayed to test metal quality and welding and the new, patented non-pinching joint is tested to 1.2 tonnes to ensure that it will not bend in the horses mouth. One bit is all that is required. The design of the bit also means a move away from the traditional approach of bit sizes. The Hippus bits will fit a wide range of horses which means that you only need to purchase one to use on several horses.

The design of the Hippus bits is unique. It is a vast improvement on the old reliable, but rather archaic, snaffle bits. The clevis joint in the middle allows the bit to be split and balanced in two equal halves. This is impossible with a traditional snaffle bit, as it will always have a long and a short side due to the interlocking ring situation. This can cause pressures in the mouth of the horse. The improvement in the Hippus bits is that they do not create pressure points. They cannot apply any pressure to the laden or bony ridges of the upper palate, sometimes called the upper bars, because of the shape of the bit.

The reduction of the diameter of the mouthpiece or cannons of the bit and the improvement in shape of the mouthpiece makes for a maximum fit and maximum surface area covered by the mouthpiece of the bit. The reduction in pressure points decreases the lb./sq. in. being applied to the mouth of the horse. The reduction in pressure increases the comfort level and performance of the horse. This may also account for increases or claims of increased ability for the horse to get air. The tongue is less likely to slide back and block the Pharynx, which may be restrictive to airflow from the nose to the lungs.

Your horse will thank you!

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