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The importance of the PADI Divemaster to the overall PADI training program and to each individual PADI Instructor cannot be overstated. Divemaster training is the first leadership level in the PADI progression.

The rating denotes an individual who:

  • has a high level of personal diving skill
  • has Instructor level knowledge of diving theory.
  • has had significant training in how to assist an instructor during training activities.
  • is able to assume a role of responsibility for the welfare of other divers in his charge.

At Adventures in Diving we believe that at this stage of your diving career you should be able to tailor the course to suit you. So after the initial Course introduction you will be able to request any of the school instructors to take you through any part of the course that you wish. The choice is yours you can go as fast or as slow as you like. All we ask is that you ensure all your paper work is signed by an instructor as you meet the requirements.

Sample course schedule

Pre Course Work
Chapter 1-6 Dive Master Manual

Pool 1 at Billericay Pool 8.30pm Start
400 Yard Swim
15 Min Tread

Class 1 at Adventures in Diving 10am Start
Intro to Dive Master Course
DM Video
Emergency Assistance Plan Assigned
Topic 1 The Role & Characteristics of a PADI DM
Topic 2 Part 1 Supervising General Diving
Topic 3 Assisting with Students in Training

Home Study
Chapter 7-9 DM Manual

Pool 2 at Billericay Pool 8.30pm Start
800 Yard Snorkel
Equipment exchange

Pool 3 at Billericay Pool 8.30pm Start
18 Skill Assessment

Class 2 at Adventures in Diving 10am Start
Map Project Assigned
DM Exams 1,2,3.
Topic 9 Divemaster Conducted Program
Topic 4 Dive Theory Intro
Topic 5 Physics
Topic 6 Physiology

Home Study

Pool 4 at Billericay Pool 8.30pm Start
Try Dives
Scuba Review

Pool 5 at Billericay Pool 8.30pm Start
Working with Students

Class 3 at Adventures in Diving 10am Start
DM Exams Physics, Physiology
Topic 7 Equipment
Topic 8 Decompression Theory & RDP
Topic 10 Risk Management
Topic 11 The Business of Diving
Topic 12 Furthering your Diving career
Home Study

Rescue Assessment
Diver Tow
Hand in Emergency Plan
Hand in Map
DM Exams Equipment, RDP
Make ups
Intro to A.I. Course

1 Open Water Course all modules
1 Advanced Dive
1 Scuba review or similar

For more information or to book a course please call (01245) 252627 or Email.

All courses are 299
All course costs include Divemaster Crew Pak.
During the course, the candidate is liable to pay for travel, accommodation (optional) and entry to the dive site (approx. 6.00 per day for two days). If diving from the rib is included in the course it is at the standard rate of 35 per day.
Upon completion, the candidate is liable for PADI membership fees (annual) and their own professional liability insurance.
Image reprinted with permission of International PADI, Inc.

Price: 299.00


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