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Open Water

This is the first step in your diving training. Here at Adventures, we realise that everyones different, so we have a range of training options to suit all budgets and availabilities.

Part Time
Our most common and cheapest option. It consists of classroom sessions on Thursdays at Chelmsford and pool sessions on Mondays in Billericay for 5 weeks. This is then followed with an exam and kit colloection evening on the Thursday before you got to open water and finally an open water weekend.

Self Study
If you haven't got the time to come every Thursday, or feel happier if you are self taught, we offer the self study option. You drop into the shop and pick up your crew pack, and then turn up on a Monday evening to check your knowledge reviews and complete the quizzes. If you struggle with the work, your instructor may counsel you to attend the Thursday session too. You then attend the Thursday before open water to complete an exam and collect your kit.

Holiday Option
Complete the classroom and pool work in the UK under one of the above options and complete the open water section on an Adventures holiday. See the Holiday section below for details of which holidays this can be offered on.

Referral Option
Complete the classroom and pool work in the UK and receive paperwork that will allow you to complete open water dives anywhere in the world! (Price includes all classroom and pool sessions, does not include fees for open water work payable to receiving instructor).

Personalised Option
Would you like to learn in a schedule to fit you? We have a number of options available including weekend tuition (learn in 2 weekends). Why not contact us to discuss your requirements?

All courses are 345
All course costs include all PADI materials, instruction, certification.
Extras include travel, accommodation (optional) and entry to the dive site (approx. 8.00 per day for two days), equipment Hire ( 35.00 for 2 days) and air.
Boat Option is an extra 35 per day.
Referals are 225
Image Reprinted with permission of International PADI, Inc.

Price: 345.00


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