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A Brand New Star (Nativity Play for KS1 and 2)

Simple, attractive Nativity Play. Sold all over the States and the UK. A large cast production with superb songs.

A Brand New Star

"A BRAND NEW STAR" features 8 modern original songs, as listed below. Schools sometimes add their own selection of other traditional carols to produce a longer concert. Otherwise, the production is about 40-50 minutes in length. Last time I staged it in my own school it was performed by 85 children including choir, but it can be performed by a group as small as 15. (Cast List below) The package contains script, songsheets, CD, and basic sheet music. The CD vocal tracks for rehearsing, and "backing tracks" for performance. Therefore no musical ability is needed, but you will need a CD player and microphone for the most effective delivery. (Alternatively, you can use their own pianist or organist etc.) CAST LIST: Mary, Joseph, Messenger, 4 Angels, 4 shepherds, Herod, 3 Wise Men, Children bearing gifts, and choir. LIST OF ORIGINAL SONGS ************************ 1) MARY, WE HAVE TO MAKE A JOURNEY (Joseph solo, and choir) 2) YOU ARE A FRIEND, GENTLE DONKEY (Choir) 3) LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO STAY (Choir) 4) THERE WERE SHEPHERDS (Choir and solo by angel) 5) BRAND NEW STAR (Choir) 6) SOMETHING ON MY MIND (Herod solo, and choir) 7) THREE KINGS’ SONG (3 Kings in unison, and choir) 8) SLEEP, WONDERFUL BABY (Joseph solo, Mary solo, and choir) 9) Finale: BRAND NEW STAR (repeated, sung by all) PLUS 9 INSTRUMENTAL BACKING TRACKS FOR THE ABOVE

Very very simple traditional Nativity Play.
Lovely modern songs.
Comes with CD, Script, Songsheets, Sheet Music
Extremely simple to perform.
Ages 5-11
Designed to include special needs pupils.
A best seller for a traditional Christmas show.
Used by Sunday schools and church groups worldwide.

Price: £30.00


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