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Zak and the Sausages

Zak, the wizard's magic cat, in a sparkling full length Christmas show for primary schools to act. Very funny. Easy script. Easy songs. Easy to stage. 50 mins.

Zak and the Sausages

  ZAK and THE SAUSAGES - THE STORY Steven and Mirabelle are two nasty selfish spiteful children. They fight, argue, squabble and bully other children, until one night…….A magic talking cat called Zak comes into their lives. Zak has run away from Gertrude the evil witch! (She actually stole Zak from a wizard who is also frantically looking for him.) Zak can make wishes come true– if you wish for something accidentally that is. He brings a wealth of good luck to everyone he encounters, with hilarious results. Zak is allergic to a certain food –sausages! Sausages make him go berserk! Zak’s magic powers eventually enable Steven and Mirabelle to change their ways and appreciate a truer meaning of Christmas. It is a very funny script and the songs are bouncy, modern and simple to learn. Note: This play is essentially for fun, but for the sake of dramatic conflict the two "nasty" children do tend to victimise one or two "poorer" children in their class, although this is resolved eventually. (This could lead to some serious work about bullying) Sensitive casting is called for. For instance, the two bullies should probably not be played by children who are known to have bullying tendencies themselves. Also, the "poor family" should probably not be played by children who are perceived to come from a very impoverished background themselves. It is not intended that humour should be derived from the selfish unkind behaviour of characters such as "Steven" and "Mirabelle

Suitable for ages 8-12
Length: 50 mins
Cast: At least 15, preferably a lot more
Price includes script, CD with vocals and backing tracks,
songsheets, chord sheets
Sheet music is not yet provided
Brilliant, scintillating, tried and tested. Very popular show.
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Price: £30.00


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