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Noah & the Rainbow Boat - FULL VERSION

Musical of Noah's Ark. Compelling songs, for ages 5-11. Challenging enough for Year 5 & 6. A wonderful play! 45 mins. Also available as a shorter assembly version (See "Short Plays and Assemblies")

Noah and the Rainbow Ark- Read More Here

Fantastic, attractive stimulating songs, musical interludes and sound effects. The songs are all original, and are a mixture of ballads and rhythmic contemporary music. No musical ability needed- the children can sing along to the backing tracks on the CD. Or you can use a traditional approach with piano or school orchestra. Simple basic sheet music with guitar chord symbols is provided (but no individual orchestrations) SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY: Noah and his family are hard-working, honourable people, in contrast to the "wild people" of the valley. The song "So many jobs" is a cheerful action song depicting the daily chores undertaken by Noah and his family. God is angry with these "wild people" who are spoiling the world by littering, fighting, stealing etc. We see a glimpse of these wild people in action. Noah is told by God that a big flood will be sent. Noah must build an ark to preserve each species of animal and to save his family and thus mankind. The "wild people" are sceptical and conflict occurs when they attempt to destroy the ark. At last the ark is ready, and creatures from all over the world have congregated nearby, summoned by God. A final attack on the ark is thwarted with help from the animals. The animals board the boat , the storm starts, and the voyage begins. When the storm abates, the food is running low and there is a wistful song "Will it All Be for Nothing?" Noah sends the raven and the dove to seek out dry land. The raven fails, but the dove brings back an olive twig in its beak, signifying dry land nearby. God sends a lovely rainbow over the world, and announces his promise to never send another flood. The play ends in celebratory mood with a rocky song - "Well done Mr Noah". CD LISTING (FULL LENGTH VERSION): 30 Tracks. 1-15 NO VOCALS 16-30 WITH VOCALS 1 & 16.... Song- "So Many Jobs" (Jolly opening song, lots of fun, with actions) 2.& 17.... Chaos Music for Wild People (- glimpses of wild people fighting, hunting and destroying the valley) 3.& 18....Voice of God 1: (Swirling organ- God announces his intentions to send a great flood) 4 & 19....Song: "Let's Build a Boat!" (Modern song, with solo parts) 5 & 20....Song: "Mr Noah, So old and Wise!" (Bouncy, attractive, colourful song) 6 & 21....Fight Music ( As per track 2 ) 7 & 22....Song: "Here Come the Animals!": (Comical song as animals board the ark) 8 & 23....Big Cat Chase Music with Sound Effects (Lions and tigers chase vandals away!) 9 & 24....Big Storm Music with Sound Effects (Storm sound effects with haunting synthesiser music) 10 & 25....Song: "All for Nothing?" (Wistful ballad) 11 & 26....The Dove's Flight (gentle instrumental- suitable for a dance routine) 12.& 27....Voice of God 2 (God's promise that He will not send another flood) 13 & 28....Song: Colours in the Sky (Very atmospheric song about the appearance of a rainbow) 14 & 29....Song: Finale: "Well Done, Mr Noah" (Rock and Roll Finale) 15 & 30....Curtain Calls (instrumental reprise of "Let's Build a Boat") HEAR IT AND READ A SAMPLE ON OUR WEBSITE http://www.magicparrot.com Click on the link at the foot of the page

Suitable for all year round.
Hear it and read it on our main website
Easy to perform. No musical ability required.
CD has vocal tracks for learning the songs.
Backing tracks are provided too.
Scope for movement and dance.
Price includes script, 30 track CD, songsheets, score
For 15 young players or preferably more.
Price includes performance rights for schools/clubs

Price: 30.00


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