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Red Riding Hood in Fairyland

Musical extravaganza for KS1 and KS2. Traditional Red Riding Hood story but meets lots of other fairytale folk on her way to grandma's house. 45 mins.

Red Riding Hood in Fairyland

List of Songs on the CD 1 Bad Luck, Mr Wolf (Jazzy original song) 2 Baa Baa Black Sheep (Trad, modern arrangement) 3 Wake Up Little Boy Blue! (Modern rework) 4 Little Bo Peep (Modern version) 5 Nick Nack Paddywack (Trad., with actions) 6 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Wistful) 7 Insect Dance (Rock and roll dance,solo parts) 8 I am a spider! (Original ballad, with solo) 9 Little Miss Muffet (Old favourite, modernised) 10 Jack and Jill ("Poor Old Jack") reworked 11 Hello, Iíve Got to Go! (very catchy, modern) (Plus 11 backing tracks without vocals)

Brilliant selection of original music
Plus well-known nursery rhymes & songs.
Suitable for KS1 and KS2 ages 5-11
For any time of year. 45 mins. Cast at least 15- preferably more!
Price includes script, CD, songsheets & score
Hear it and read it on our main website
http://www.magicparrot.com (click on link at foot of page)
Other characters include Big bad wolf,3 little pigs, Goldilocks, 3 bears etc etc.

Price: £30.00


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