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Uncle Crumble

A wacky, hilarious musical romp featuring a mad inventor, a time machine, hippies, a pop group, Tinface the robot, Caesar, belly dancers, acrobats, lions, gladiators! 50 mins.

Uncle Crumble

This play is very modern, popular and hilarious, suitable for any time of year. Great for schools and drama clubs. "Stagecoach" UK have used this play effectively. There are dance and movement sequences embedded in the script e.g. belly dancers, lions, acrobats, gladiators, pop stars. You will need a cast of 15 or preferably more to make this play viable. Even with 15 players, some doubling up of roles is required. There are a number of short and non-speaking parts which are ideal for the inclusion of reticent or special needs pupils. The story: Uncle Crumble is an eccentric inventor. His latest creation is a "Celestial Sonic Fission Date Travel Converter".(A what? - A time machine, of course.) The children use Uncle Crumble's invention to make adventures through time. In ancient Rome, you will be stunned by the acrobats and amazed by the power of the strongman who can break rocks with his bare hands. You will be mesmerized by the exotic dancers and frightened by the vicious lions. You will be appalled by the tyranny of Caesar (although the poor emperor is henpecked by the glamourous Cleo.) The children invite you back to 1967 to glimpse the "flower power" people of the swinging sixties. Can you do easy sums such as 487 x 36? If not, watch out for Tinface the robot in the futuristic school in two hundred years' time. Will Mark fall in love with Sally? Will Fido and Jasper the lions get their din-dins? Will Larry's flared trousers ever come back into fashion? Will the mad machine leave the children stranded in time? These and other vital questions will be answered in front of your very eyes. Hear it and read it on our main website (click on link at foot of the page) Price includes script, CD, songsheets, sheet music and 1 year performance licence (schools/clubs) CAST LIST: Narrator 1, Narrator 2 Mark ( a selfish 11 year old boy) Sally (his rude friend) Ben (her rude little brother) Jenny (Their hypochondriac sister) Mum Dad Grandma Grandpa Uncle Crumble Angie (a hippy) Larry (a hippy) Rock Concert Compere Raving Rocodiles Rock Band Caesar Cleo Servant Strongman Acrobats Belly Dancers Gladiator Fido the lion Jasper the lion Tinface the robot Pupil 1 Pupil 2 Choir CD LISTING (38 TRACKS) 1 Song- Mark is My Boyfriend 2 Song- Grandparents’ Song 3 Song- Uncle Crumble’s Mad Machine 4 SOUND EFFECTS- Mad Machine out 5 SOUND EFFECTS- Mad Machine in 6 Song- The Windmill Dance 7 SOUND EFFECTS- Mad Machine out 8 Fiddle Music for Caesar' Dance 9 SOUND EFFECTS-Mad Machine in 10 Song - Jenny, You’re a Wet Weed! 11 Acrobat Music 12 Belly Dance Music 13 Song- What Shall we do with the Prisoners? 14 Lion Dance Music 15 SOUND EFFECTS-Mad Machine Out 16 SOUND EFFECTS- Mad Machine In 17 Song- Tinface the Robot 18 SOUND EFFECTS- Mad Machine Out/In 19 Finale- Uncle Crumble’s Mad Machine Tracks 20-38 the same without vocals

Price includes script, CD, songsheets, score
Free 1 year performance licence for schools/clubs
Scope for music, movement, dance.

Price: £30.00


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