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The CrystalView Dentistry Book - A Field Guide to Horse Teeth

The best practical equine dentistry book in the world.

An essential resource for dentists, vets and equine specialists.

A sample page from "A Field Guide to Horse Teeth"

We have received many requests to have the book "A Field Guide to Horse Teeth" available as a standalone item and not just as part of the kit CrystalView Kit. After discussions with the developers, they have agreed that we can do so.

There is no other book available anywhere in the world that has the detail available in this book. Every aspect of the horses mouth is covered in great detail by the use of close up fibre-optic technology photographs of all potential conditions and problems accompanied by the age range the condition can affect and a recommended action plan.

This book is a necessary part of the toolkit for any veterinarian or dentist who are performing any equine dental procedures, but is also extremely invaluable for any other equine practitioners that need to understand more about the mouth of the horse as a part of their work.

The book has a strong plasticised wipe-clean exterior which makes it ideal for using "in the field" and also is the perfect tool to be able to graphically demonstrate any problems encountered to the owners.

Price: 49.95


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