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The Crystal View Kit

The Crystal View Kit is a dental inspection kit that has been designed not only with the veterinarian and the dentist in mind, but also the horse and horse owner as well.

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The Crystal View Kit

Many horse owners have never seen inside the mouth of their horse. The Crystal View kit now provides you with the opportunity to understand more about one of the key areas of your horse.

The Crystal View kit is also an invaluable teaching aid. The kit provides you with all the necessary tools and the detailed photgraphic information required for educating in the equine arena.

Now you can monitor the conditions inside the mouths of your horses. You can identify problems early and involve your veterinarian or dentist. You can also ensure that your horse is receiving the right treatment. The kit contains a booklet of almost 200 pages, written by Todd Williams NVEq.D - Executive Director of the WWAED, that walks through all the tooth types with supporting colour photos of the problems, the age range they affect and the action plans for treatment. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for veterinarians, dentists and horse owners alike.

Horses will not usually show signs of problems or pain until the pain is quite severe; with the Crystal View kit you can identify problems when they start and involve your dentist much earlier than would normally be possible. The horse doesn't have to suffer unnecessarily, and you won't have to experience the performance drop-off that can be associated with equine dental problems.

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