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URL Security

URL Security

Buy URL security to your web-site

Help for URL Security

Add new secured URL:
Select this option if you would like to set up a new secured URL so you can password protect areas of your domain.

Secured URL:
This is the full URL to the area of the domain you wish to secure. e.g.

URL Master password:
The URL Master password allows you to set a "master" password for the secured URL. This will allow you to log in with any username, and this password.

Text file path:
This should point to the text file containing the username and password combinations allowed to access the URL. The text file must be in the format username=password (one pair per line). e.g:


Modify an existing secured URL:
If you wish to make changes to an existing secured URL click Edit next to the URL you wish to change, alternatively if you wish to remove the secured URL, click Delete.
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